Streetlifting Technique Revisions

How does it work?

  • You send me the videos of your lifts prior to the videocall so I have time to take a look at them.
  • In the call we will be discussing what can be improved in the technique.
  • I will give yout tips and progressions on how to achieve those improvements.
  • You can ask me any question related with the 4 lifts regarding technique (I'm not going to design a program for you, we will only discuss implementations for the technique adaptations).

  • How can this help me?

  • Sometimes having a different prespective on how to perform a certain exercise can help you break non-improving periods of time. Sometimes it's not about changing the routine, it's about improving/changing the technique.
  • There are small tips I learned from experience that can help you a lot in your Streetlifting career. A tip may be worth hundreds of training hours.
  • Making an improvement today can have a huge impact in your performance in the long term. There are many tips I wish I had known before.

  • Any questions? Contact Me via Instagram!

    What's the pricing?

  • If you are booking your first session the pricing is 50€ for the 30 minutes call.
  • If we have had a session in the past, the follow-up pricing will be reduced to 40€ for the call.
  • If within the following 2 months after the call you decide to hire me as a coach, you will have a 25% discount for the first 3 months.
  • Revisions by: Pere Coll

    Streetlifting Online Coaching

    About me:

  • 10 years into Calisthenics and 5 years practising Streetlifting.
  • 530Kg total in Streetlifting Competition (45Kg Muscle Up, 112.5Kg Pull Up, 170Kg Dip, 202.5Kg Squat).
  • A big fan of proper technique: A minor change in your technique can have a major impact in your lifts.
  • You can see my achievements or contact me in my Instagram account.
  • Interested in improving your technique? Contact Me via Instagram!

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