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The Bench Press RM Calculator

The bench RM calculator is a tool that lets you figure out your one repetition max when doing bench press. This will help you to determine what weight you need to go for in your next training session, and it will also help gauge how many repetitions of bench are necessary to gain strength.

You should know the 1RM when creating your strength training program. The 1RM is the maximum amount of weight you can lift once, and it determines how intense your workouts will be. It's also used to calculate volume in a workout, which is important because if you don't train with enough intensity, then your muscles won't get as much stimulation as they need to grow bigger and stronger.

Why is a one repetition max calculator important?
  • Knowing your 1RM will help you identify improvements in your strength over time.
  • The 1RM is a good measure of progress, and it can be used to design training programs that will improve strength and muscle mass.
  • The Bench Press RM Calculator can help you calculate the amount of weight needed to lift 200 pounds for one repetition (1RMs).

  • How to use the max bench calculator

    The calculator has 3 available configurations, giving the user the freedom to calculate 3 variables (RM, Lift and Repetitions):

  • Calculate the One Rep Max (standard mode)
  • Calculate the Repetitions given a Rep Max and Lift
  • Calculate the Lift given a Rep Max and Repetitions

  • After deciding the calculator mode, you will need to input the data and the calculator will automatically compute your result.

    One Repetition Max Formula

    One rep max (1RM) is the maximum amount of weight that you can lift for one repetition. It's an important measurement to determine your strength and your ability to lift heavy weights. But how do you calculate your 1RM? And what should be included in this calculation? Next, we'll take a look at some formulas used to calculate one rep maxes or benchmarks.

    Among the most popular formulas, we find:

  • Epley:
  • Brzycki:
  • Lombardi:
  • * The results have been adapted for reps = 1, where RM = weight

    These three formulas are used in order to calculate the one rep max or the other two parameters in this calculator.

    I decided to calculate the result by using the three formulas and average in order to get a more accurate result. The resulting formula is the following (simplified).

  • The formula used:

  • The Bench Press One Rep Max Formula visualized:

    Lifted Weight

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